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july 28, 2014
hello! we recently did a buzzsession for the wild honey pie! check it out: +/- buzzsession

january 27, 2014
my lord it's been a long time!

we're releasing a new record, jumping the tracks, on teen-beat records february 4, 2014! pre-order the vinyl here! downloads will be available in all the normal places. if you want a cd, we're getting a few from japan. stay tuned!

great to be back
april 16, 2012
a decade ago (or so) we released our first album: "self-titled long-playing debut album". to mark the occasion we took a break from recording to film an impromptu live version of one of the songs from that album. hope you enjoy it.

the industrial revolution (live at the rehearsal space)

october 12, 2011
hi there!

our aborted littlefield show has been rescheduled for november 4, 2011. if you bought tickets, they will be honored at this show.

thanks - we hope to see you!

september 07, 2011
we're very sorry to announce, our 9/10 show at littlefield has been postponed. we will announce a make-up show soon.

apologies for the inconvenience.
july 08, 2011
in (late) celebration of the 10th anniversary of our first show, we're having our first sale at the +/- store!

all domestic full length cds will be $10 and domestic cd eps will be $5. imported vinyl goes down to the unbelievable price of $15. sale prices will last until august 1st.

thanks for all of your support over the years.
may 03, 2011
Quick heads up: We contributed 2 tracks to help with Earthquake/Tsunami relief in Japan. You can preview and/or buy the tracks at the links below. Thank you for any support you're able to give.

anything for progress

resume vol. 3

september 10, 2010
hey hey hey!

our new extras compilation cd, pulled punches, has arrived at our webstore. it'll be out on october 5, but you can grab one from us as of today. (pre-orders will ship today).
july 28, 2010
my lord its been a long time! how have you been? us? oh we're still in the process of recording a new record. it's coming along quite nicely. but in the meantime, that doesn't mean we don't have any news...

1. our holding patterns ep has gone out of print and been reissued on 10" clear vinyl. 10 inches! clear! vinyl! these things are beautiful. head over to the store to pick one up.

2. we're releasing a 19 song compilation of b-sides, outtakes, and unreleased tracks. this will be out on teenbeat records in the fall. stay tuned.

3. we're heading out on tour in september! to the midwest of the good old us of a, even. an unprecedented 3 shows in oh. buckeye state madness. check our shows page for details.

as always we'd love to see you
january 03, 2010
happy new year to everyone. we're thankful you're still with us in 2010.

we've managed to get our hands on a few copies of our japanese tour only ep thrown into the fire. check out our online store to pick up a copy. quantities are very limited.

also, we've (finally) posted some pictures from our summer european tour. our good friend and 5th member, gabriel guzman, took the photos. we should have some photos from our recent asian tour up there soon.

looks like we're heading into the studio to record our 5th album... more details on that coming soon. also, look out for a new compilation of stuff in 2010 as well.

november 19, 2009
what's up!

we're heading off to asia again in a few days, but wanted to drop a little news. +/- composed the soundtrack for an online video game called code of everand which is going to teach kids in the uk about crossing the street. it was a fun project to do and we're really excited about it.

you can read more about it here.

you can also watch the opening video of the game here.

keep your eyes peeled for a new release in the spring.

october 13, 2009
show alert!

we're super excited to be playing teenbeat night 09 (that's what we're calling it) with close friends and family - versus, ciudad, solitary cyclist, and cotton candy. it's gonna be special night: versus and +/- will be guesting on each others songs all night, ciudad is coming all the way from the philippines to join us, solitary cyclist will be debuting some new duet jams, and cotton candy will be whipping us into a frenzy which only mark robinson and evelyn hurley are capable of.

far out

july 24, 2009
hey hey hey!

we're back in the usa. usa! usa! thanks to everyone who went to the shows in europe. we had a great time, met some new friends, and ate and drank some wonderful authentic food and beverages. need proof? check out the photos! you'll even see a couple vegetarian meals in there. nuts.

also, we've got some new t-shirts in the +/- {plus/minus} store - in all sizes! check 'em out!

up next? time to record, we think. we'll see you soon.

july 04, 2009
happy independence day, americans!

we're, umm, going to europe! we wish everyone from every country could be with us. but there's just not enough room in the van. but hey - maybe you can follow us via a different (super)highway?

+/- says tweet tweet

    follow us on twitter

    june 04, 2009
    hey hey hey!

    what's going on? hope you're doing well. we just wanted to let you know about some upcoming activity. we're playing some summer shows. yay! the first one is in new york city with good friends and family: versus, gramercy arms and mascott. i think this one's gonna be great. for our part, we'll have a horn section playing with us, helping bring the bombast to you in a brassy way. we're super excited about this.

    in other news, we're heading back to europe to do a couple summer festivals, a few shows, and to down a few cocktails on parisian sidewalk caf├ęs. see our shows page for details.

    we'd also like to remind you about our expanded +/- {plus/minus} store where you can buy t-shirts (new designs and more sizes soon!), vinyl, cds and dvds.

    march 18, 2009
    hooray! we're in texas for sxsw. it's a constant struggle here: bbq or mex? the eternal question haunts us wherever we go.

    we're playing a few shows - you should come.

    also, we wanted to let you know that snowblind is npr's song of the day today. cool. thanks npr.

    february 24, 2009
    we're gearing up to head down to tx for sxsw! details soon!

    in the meantime, check out the new website and LP from loudest boom bah yea, chris' "pop songs for 2 drumsets" themed band. yes, that shit is off the hook.

    january 26, 2009
    hi there!

    We just finished a radio interview with sounds on you fm with michael kraft. tune in on wednesday january 26th to hear the madness including james' solo rendition of unsung. the website should have a stream.

    january 23, 2009
    hey there,

    thanks for your concern. we are doing fine again and back on the autobahn. nurenberg, dresden, and cologne were wonderful. up next - munich! deep in the heart of bavaria. schweinshaxen here we come!

    january 19, 2009
    very sorry - we are again forced to cancel our show tonight in wien, austria due to an illness in the band.

    january 19, 2009
    hey hey hey!

    the HD version of the video for unsung is featured at!

    thanks again to my active driveway / little sister for producing such a beautiful video!

    january 18, 2009
    very sorry - we are forced to cancel our show tonight in brno, czech republic due to an illness in the band.

    january 14, 2009
    hey there in +/- land.

    we're heading off to europe tomorrow. yay! we just wanted to point you to our new video for "unsung" - directed by david lobser and produced by my active driveway / little sister. it's a beautiful video and you can see it on stereogum and pitchfork tv. awesome!

    also - if you happen to be in russia, please note the venues for st. petersburg and moscow as we have updated info.

    december 23, 2008
    happy holidays!

    we're freezing in new york right now, but soon we'll be freezing in europe! the authentic sausagefest tour 2009 is getting under way in january. we're super psyched to hit the continent again - including our first shows in norway, sweden, czech republic and russia! as a double (drummer) bonus, chris' super percussion ensemble loudest boom bah yea will be opening all shows. drumtastic! see our shows page for more details.

    december 01, 2008

    snowblind is kexp's song of the day for today! hooray!

    november 20, 2008
    finally over our jetlag.

    chris is still wandering around asia, but he found the time to post the authentic asian food and beverage tour pictures. feast your eyes like we feasted our stomachs.

    november 14, 2008
    hey hey hey!

    we're back from our asian tour. it was a marvelous time. we saw a lot of old friends and made a lot of great new ones. thanks to everyone who came to the shows and special thanks to the organizers: minoru, koji, jimi, orbis, cholle, quark and marie!

    we've got a couple east coast shows coming up and we're just excited to come out and play the new songs.

    let's talk soon,
    october 30, 2008
    hi there!

    heading to kyoto today and noticed that stereogum has the new snowblind video up. it's directed by the lovely and talented nancy mitchell. far out. check it out.

    see you soon
    october 23, 2008
    hey there!

    just added a new show! we're playing o-west in shibuya with our friends bloodthirsty butchers, nhhmbase and the band apart. happy anniversary & records!

    october 21, 2008
    holy crap!

    xs on your eyes is out! we're psyched. we hope you love it as much as we do. or more.

    pick up a copy won't you? absolutely kosher, & records, bb island, and the iTunes store should be able to hook you up.

    september 24, 2008
    hey everyone.

    the tour seems to be shaping up, we're going to announce a couple more dates and then we'll be set.

    oh and if you live in the philippines, please help us get some radio love at NU107 by texting NUVOTE SNOWBLIND to 29107. that'd be cool. hot stuff.

    september 12, 2008
    hey there!

    preview one of the tracks from our new album xs on your eyes.

    check out the mp3 premiere of snowblind at stereogum!

    september 04, 2008
    hey there! we're going on tour - let's call it the 2008 authentic asian food and beverage tour. we're super excited to be returning to japan and taiwan after a 2 year absence. but i think we're most excited about making our debut in the philippines!

    check the shows page for more details.

    remember, october 21 is when the new record xs on your eyes comes out. check it check it check it.

    august 06, 2008
    yo yo yo!

    as you can see above, we have a release date for our new album entitled xs on your eyes. yep. we're super excited. we'll be posting some tracks and maybe a video soon. stay tuned.

    july 18, 2008
    hello there!

    ok - we're out of our recording hiatus. the album is done! it will be released this fall and we will celebrate and there will be much rejoicing.

    in the meantime, bb island will be releasing you are here (extended) in europe. this is a deluxe edition that includes all of the songs recorded in the you are here sessions. 21 songs in all! if you want one, and don't live in europe, let us know!

    also, we've added our dvd to the store. so feel free to partake.

    laslty, we're playing a couple shows in august. check out our shows page for more details.

    june 25, 2008
    more pics for you and yours:

    stay tuned...

    oh, also we have some shows coming up. hope to see you there!

    june 10, 2008
    hello again!

    another picture for your peepers:

    that's all for now, we have to get back to work in the studio. more soon hopefully...

    june 06, 2008
    hello from the recording studio!

    we are hard at work here, but chris is trying to snap photos whenever possible. below is one from a couple nights ago:

    march 17, 2008

    long time no update! that's because we're recording. yes, we've begun work on our 4th LP and we're super excited about it. the drums were tracked in february at the fabulous stratosphere sound and now we're holed up in cozy fireplace studios doing the rest of the work. look for a new release late this year!

    in other news, it looks like we're not going to be able to make it out to europe this spring, so we're going to shoot for the fall ... before or after we make our return to japan. we hope to see you!

    now we've got to get back to the new record...

    january 02, 2008
    happy new year, everyone!

    our new year's resolutions:

    1. record a new album - we're actually in the process as we speak. we've been writing and are finishing up our 'pre-production' before heading into the studio. we've got a bunch of new songs that we're dying to record. i think this album will be our best yet. no, there will be no celebrity cameo action.

    2. play more shows - yes, we'll be doing this too ... just as soon as we are able. right now we're too busy with no. 1 (see above)

    3. bring "you are here" to europe and return to the continent - bb island in germany has agreed to re-issue our 2004 album "you are here" with bonus material. details on the tracklist coming soon. but we hope to be back in europe playing shows this spring. we're super excited.

    again, happy new year to everyone. we wish you the best.

    august 31, 2007
    hey everyone!

    the dvd is out! it's packed with a bunch of great videos as well as a few crazy extras. what's that you say? +/- on a japanese game show? check it.

    august 01, 2007
    hey there!

    couple things: first of all, our debut DVD is coming out! alright! it's called +/- self-titled debut digital video disc and it will be released august 28, 2007. it has 12 videos by various directors, plus a bunch of crazy extra bonus stuff as well as a beautiful mark robinson designed package. head over to teenbeat or your local record store to pick up a copy.

    also, our friends moools are coming to visit us from japan. hooray! to celebrate, we're playing 3 shows with them. moools are a great live band - so come on out - we hope to see you.

    june 15, 2007
    hey there!

    we're back from europe! we had a wonderful time and would like to thank everyone who came to the shows and gave us such a warm welcome. cheers.

    we're also glad to announce that we've been last-minute added to the pool parties at mccarren park in williamsburg, brooklyn. we're honored to play with indie rock legends superchunk.

    if you'd like to come, it's free! but you must rsvp at this website

    come on out! we'd love to see you.

    may 14, 2007
    we're off to europe (germany, the netherlands and austria to be precise) for our first continental tour. let's call it the authentic sausagefest tour 2007. we're really excited! we can't wait. if you live anywhere near any of the shows please come out - we'd love to see you and meet you.

    march 05, 2007
    hey there!

    lots of news: resident video artiste, chris deaner, has finished a new video for fadeout. it's fantastic - and you can check its exclusive web debut on stereogum. if you want to see it on the big screen, it will makes its debut at the 2007 san francisco asian american film festival. we're very excited about that as the sf festival is the grandaddy of them all...

    next up, as you can see our new split ep, +/- vs. bloodthirsty butchers, is out now! get yours at teenbeat records. you can listen to a track on our pics page.

    last, but certainly not least, we're going on tour again! this time it's down to austin, tx and back for SXSW. we'll be heading back with our new york buddies, bishop allen and say hi to your mom. come on out - we'd love to see you.

    february 03, 2007
    as you can see above, our split ep with our japanese tour mates bloodthirsty butchers is finally seeing its US release. hooray! we cover them, they cover us, and everyone wins. the ep will be available on teenbeat records on february 27, 2007. you can listen to a sample track on our pics page.

    in other news, we're on the move again. this time we're headed to bbq mecca austin, tx for sxsw. check the shows page for full details. we hope to see you.

    january 04, 2007
    happy new year!

    to celebrate 2007 and it's coming glory, we've decided to unveil the +/- {plus/minus} store. you can purchase some of our t-shirts or a copy of our japan only ep as seen on television that we've imported from japan for you... we still have a few copies left.

    in the future, we'll add even more fun stuff to buy...

    buy bye!
    december 17, 2006
    just finished the last show of the asian tour (and thus the entire 6 week tour). we're beat. we're spent. but we had a great time. thanks again to everyone who came out to the shows - everywhere. we'll be back soon. probably some time in the spring...

    one last show for the year ...

    december 04, 2006
    thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and made this us/canada tour so great. we love you.

    one last show for 2006! new year's eve with our lovely friends mates of state. come celebrate and bring in the new year with us!

    november 23, 2006
    happy thanksgiving!

    we're on the road... but that doesn't mean we're gonna feel sorry for ourselves and not celebrate... we decided to have thanksgiving early and celebrate with our seattle fans... see for details. thanks seattle!


    we've also updated the authentic north american food tour photos... we wish we had taken more of the scrumptious organic chickens we served for thanksgiving, but we were too busy serving it up!
    november 06, 2006
    the tour is underway! finally.

    we're proud to be on the authentic american food tour 2006. so, in honor of the occasion, we present the authentic north american food tour 2006 photo essay. we'll update it periodically throughout the tour so you can see how the tour is going. it's our version of a tour diary i guess.

    got any restaurant tips for us? please contact us and let us know...

    thanks... see you soon?

    november 02, 2006
    thanks to everyone who made it out to our cmj showcase... especially those who stuck it out to actually see us go on so late on a school night...

    also you can listen to our set on kexp yesterday morning by going to the kexp site and clicking "streaming archive" - we were on november 1st at 7AM PST.

    you can also view photos form that event here

    see you soon?
    october 30, 2006

    cmj 2006 is upon us. i'm sorry to say, but it appears that all the spots for our morning kexp taping are taken. but we're also playing later that night as you can see on our shows page.

    have you previewed our tracks and still want to hear more from our new album? AP has reviewed thrown into the fire. you can read the review (as well as download the track) by clicking here.

    oh and we also added some more shows - check em out here.

    october 26, 2006
    quick note - if you're going to be in new york during cmj and you want to attend our live broadcast on kexp on nov.1 - click here to reserve a spot!

    yes, we know it's at 10AM... but come have a cup of coffee with us in the studio.

    october 25, 2006
    the record is out!

    yes, that's right - Let's Build a Fire gets its long overdue US release and we couldn't be more excited about it.

    check out lost at sea's review to hear some kind words about it. or listen to a couple songs on our pics page. then if you like it, roll on over to absolutely kosher records and grab yourself one.

    or you can pick up one directly from us at one of the live shows on our tour.


    october 15, 2006

    resident video director (and drummer extraordinaire) chris deaner has won the 7th annual San Diego Asian American Film Festival with his video for "steal the blueprints"! a jury awarded it the best video award. apparently, it beat out a black eyed peas video.

    take that fergie!


    ps. don't forget about our upcoming listening party (see below) and also our upcoming tour. as always, we'd love to see you.
    october 11, 2006
    hello there! just popping in to announce that we're having a listening party for let's build a fire! come out to hifi on wednesday october 18, 2006 from 9 - 12 and listen to the record and hang out and drink with us! there'll be $3 bottles of brooklyn (lager, pilsner, ipa and ale) to help lubricate the party.

    hooray beer!

    october 04, 2006
    hi there! welcome to the new home of +/- {plus/minus}. with our new album being released later this month, let's build a fire october 24, 2006 on absolutely kosher records, we figured it would be a good time to revamp our website. hope you like it! and if you see something, say something - that is, if you see a mistake or if something doesn't work right, let us know...

    we now have lots of new and exciting things - mainly, in pics you can find a number of audio tracks including a couple previews of the new record. additionally, you'll find some other songs, and all of the videos made for our songs. you also get to see what we look like and what we eat... and you are what you eat, so really it's like all pictures of us...

    speaking of which, don't forget about the screenings of "steal the blueprints" at the 7th annual San Diego Asian American Film Festival on october 14 and 15 and also at the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival sometime between october 19 and 29 (how's that for exact). check em out!

    also, the tour dates are mostly in - if you live close by, we'd love to see you. well, even if you don't live close, we'd still love to see you.

    take care
    september 15, 2006
    more stuff! - the tour dates are starting to roll in! we're getting back on the horse and to a town near you. also we'll be playing cmj 2006 at the absolutely kosher records showcase. more details as they come.

    let's talk soon!

    august 08, 2006
    yo yo yo. just a few things to announce:

    we'll be embarking on a full US tour this fall/winter. the first two dates are above - with the fabulous wrens. we're super excited to play with them again. the rest of the tour will be announced soon.

    the video for the "steal the blueprints" is once again being screened... or should i say twice again. the first time will be at the 7th annual San Diego Asian American Film Festival. the second will be at the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival which sounds very fancy. Kudos to Chris Deaner, resident video director.

    last but not least - Three21 Media's video for "i've been lost" took home top honors at the 29th New York Asian American International Film Festival.

    july 06, 2006
    hello! things are reving up for the fall. by then we'll have both new records out - and we'll be heading out for a US tour!

    in the meantime, be sure to check out screenings of our video for "steal the blueprints" at the 29th New York Asian American International Film Festival on July 15 and/or July 20. The video, by in house video guru Chris Deaner, has been 'remixed' by the lovely people at My Active Driveway. Additionally, Three21 Media is also screening their video for "i've been lost". 2x the +/- = 2x the fun.

    see you soon!

    april 12, 2006
    hi there! just stopping in to let you know that our video for steal the blueprints will be showing at the Asian American Film Festival at UC Davis. it will show on opening night and we think it's cool to go first.

    except at our show at north six this friday (details above) where we think it'll be cool to go last.

    april 03, 2006
    one more show in our hometown of new york city. brooklyn is part of new york city. brooklyn bands are really new york city bands. don't believe the hype. at any rate, we're gonna play some new stuff and have a grand old time with our good friends say hi to your mom and hymns ... it's a friendly affair ...

    thanks for coming if you made it out to any of the texas or california shows. thanks especially to the LA folks who were subjected to acapella versions of doobie brothers songs. it takes a special kind of patience to get through that.

    march 06, 2006
    we keep adding more shows. yay! we're excited to start playing again after a recording hiatus.

    also, due to popular demand, we've imported copies of our japanese only EP "as seen on television" and we'll be selling them from our website. you can even pay securely using paypal. click here to pick one up.

    we also should have copies on hand at SXSW and Noise Pop 2006. act now while supplies last...

    february 20, 2006
    festivals festivals and more festivals!

    as you can see above, we're playing festivals! our annual sxsw trip is going to be great... a nice break from the wintery new york weather... our noise pop trip will be cool - we're trying to play LA too... stay tuned...

    also - the new video for "steal the blueprints" will be showing at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival... (crap! that's a long name)... it's part of a program called "music video asia" and will be showing at 9:15 at the kabuki theatres on march 20, 2006. check it out!
    january 26, 2006
    hello there!

    we're gearing up for a big year in +/- ville. our new album is finished and we're currently working on getting it out in the US. it's been a slow process, but we're confident it's going to happen soon.

    in the meantime, in house video artiste chris deaner, with the help of some friends, has put together the first video for the record. we're proud to present the video for "steal the blueprints". check it out here.

    also, we've finally succumbed to myspace and now we have our own page. check it out here. be our friends. we dare you.
    december 31, 2005
    konichiwa and ni hao ya'll !!!

    we are back from an amazing tour in asia. the rock and the food were both incredible.

    once again, we present the authentic asian food tour photo essay for 2005. you can view it here - if you find yourself drooling, you get the idea.

    happy new year!
    december 13, 2005

    unfortunately, due to personal issues, we have to cancel our december 16 show in hong kong. sorry to anyone who was hoping to come. we hope to make it to hong kong sometime next year.
    october 03, 2005
    hey everyone,

    as you can see above, we're returning to taiwan and japan (and possibly other far eastern destinations) this winter for the 2005 edition of the authentic asian food tour. we can't wait.

    in other news, we've posted a new video for megalomaniac, once again executed, er, directed by in house video savant, chris deaner.

    check it out!

    album details soon...
    september 05, 2005
    just dropping in to announce that we're coming out of our recording hiatus to play an actual live show. our cmj showcase will be at southpaw in brooklyn, ny. we're pleased to be playing with matador's fine act dead meadow, as well as impressive athens troupe, maserati.

    oh and we're quite glad to announce that our music is available at the iTunes music store. you can find it all right here.

    it looks our split ep with bloodthirsty butchers is going to be released at long last in the united states of america. hooray! details soon.

    our video for she's got your eyes expertly realized by in-house video artist, chris deaner, will be appearing at this years asian pacific american film festival which takes place in washington, dc this october.

    our new album, which we've been slaving over the last few months, is nearly complete. well let you know something about it as soon as we know anything...

    talk soon,

    april 15, 2005
    we're proud to announce our forthcoming release entitled bloodthirsty butchers vs +/- (plus/minus) which will be released on 042005 in japan. the ep/mini-album is a collaboration between us and our transpacific soulmates, bloodthirsty butchers. we cover 3 of their songs, they cover 4 of ours. some lyrics are in japanese, some are in english. but the fun is universal. the disc features artwork by the fabulousyoshitomo nara. we still can't believe that part of it... needless to say, we're honored to be collaborating with both parties...

    unfortunately, we're still not sure if we'll be able to release a united states domestic version (we're trying!), so for now it's only available in japan. sorry! if you're not in japan and you want a copy, i believe you can find one here.

    in the meantime, we're working on a new album. we hope to be done in the summer...

    happy spring.

    march 20, 2005
    hey there! thanks to everyone who came out the Teenbeat Anniversary. it was excellent - we had an incredible time. plus, we got to open for unrest... super cool...

    just dropping in to let you know we're playing four (count 'em) shows at SXSW 2005. if you're down there come on by!

    january 28, 2005
    at long last - we've posted the results of our authentic asian food tour photo essay - you can view them here. thanks again to Minoru, Shinji, Hideki, Chifumi, Hyato, Non, Takabe, Jill and Jimi for making this possible.

    december 16, 2004
    happy holidays!

    we're back from japan, and we had the greatest time ever. no really. ever. we just can't believe how incredible everything was on this trip: the bands, the audiences, the venues, the cities, the countryside, the toilets, the hospitality, and (last but not least) the food left us totally speechless. we don't know what to say. except, of course, thank you to everyone who helped us along the way... especially minoru hatakeyama at & records for getting us there in the first place.

    now that we're over the jetlag, we'll be starting to write and record. see you in the new year!

    november 03, 2004
    ugh. oh well. at least the pistons won...

    anyway, it makes it all the more exciting that we're off to taiwan and japan in support of as seen on television. when we get back, we'll soldier on with the new album, as yet untitled.


    november 02, 2004
    hey everyone. election day! the final showdown!+/- encourages everyone to get off the couch and vote.

    thanks to everyone who wrote to us in response to our electioneering letter - we value your opinions and are happy to be able to discuss them with you, whether or not you agree with us that john kerry is the right man for the job. we feel the discussion is fascinating and it's great to hear from thoughtful people on both sides.

    take care everyone,

    october 07, 2004
    first order of business -> sub pop records has invited us to share the stage at mercury lounge for cmj next week. seeing as we're not on sub pop, this was a very nice thing for them to do. we would like to thank them for inviiting us onto their lovely show, which by the way, will be totally awesome (if i may use such a word)... we'll be sharing the stage with low, the thermals, the helio sequence, frausdots and sam jayne from love as laughter. get there early! we go on at 8. please come out! we'd love to see you.

    so it has finally happened - +/- is going to japan and taiwan on something we like to call the authentic asian food tour. we'll be playing with a couple fantastic japanese bands, bloodthirsty butchers and the band apart as well as another US act, mock orange. the tour will coincide with our new japanese ep, as seen on television, to be released on & records on october 20. thanks to minoru hatakeyama at & records for bringing us over.

    last but not least, our video for trapped under ice floes can be found on a new dvd compilation called remote. our video appears along with a bunch of other nice bands and the whole thing is free. check out remote's site for details regarding where you can pick one up.

    see ya soon!
    september 06, 2004
    summer is ending. that means that +/- is busy writing and recording our next album. we don't have any details on that, we're still working on it! but we do have a couple things to report in the meantime:

    +/- will be releasing an EP entitled as seen on television on & records this fall. this EP will coincide with a japanese tour in november. the EP will collect odds and ends from throughout our short career, plus will include 3 songs never before released on audio compact disc. details at the discography page.

    if you happen to live in taiwan, check out our you are here/holding patterns double cd available on white wabbit records. it combines the japanese version of you are here and the us version of holding patterns into one glorious affair. my favorite release so far...

    wicker park is out! and 'all i do' is all over it. kinda surreal.

    lastly, get out there and vote. please.
    july 21, 2004
    hello there! happy summer!

    pretty quiet around here huh? well, that's because we're trying to write new material and we need the silence for total concentration. but still, we do have some things to report.

    we're playing a show in NYC in august! so if you live close, or you're planning a trip to 'la grande pomme', you should definitely check it out. details above. we'd love to see you!

    oh and the film wicker park has a website. look here. if you click on gallery you can hear the faint murmur of 'all i do' from self-titled long playing debut album. apparently, it's used numerous times as the 'film love theme'.

    not only does wicker park have the aforementioned website, there will also be a soundtrack on lakeshore records coming out this fall. other artists on the soundtrack include death cab for cutie, the postal service, snow patrol, broken social scene, the shins, mates of state, mum, and mogwai. sounds rather fine indeed!

    take care, see you soon!

    ps. by the way, that's a shot of our odometer on the last tour. our van has seen some major mileage...
    may 25, 2004
    back from LA. such a surreal city. we had loads on fun. thanks to everyone who came out to the show.

    back to NYC. such a surreal city. we'll be spending the next couple months writing and recording our summer opus. in addition we'll probably play a few select dates here and there.

    alternatively, those of you in the new york city area can go see chris' 2 drummer extravaganza - loud est. 2004 or whatever which will be appearing twice this week. two drummers. twice the fun. 3 times the mayhem. here are the details:

      loud est. 2004 or whatever shows:
    may 27, 2004 9PM at piano's w/ glass candy and the shattered theatre, aqui
    may 28, 2004 9PM at northsix w/ the thermals, the natural history

    see you soon,


    may 03, 2004
    hey there! just popping in to announce the shows above. we're super excited about these shows which take us to the great lake state (patrick and james' former home) and the schwarzenegger state.

    if you're thinking about coiming to grand rapids for the show w/ saturday looks good to me, you should just do it. it's free! and outside...

    if you're thinking about coming to the wiltern for the show w/ death cab for cutie, you might want to think about purchasing a ticket now... these death cab fellows are quite the rage these days! (as well as being upstanding citizens) anyway, i talk too much...

    hope to see you!


    april 08, 2004
    we're back from our spring tours and we're exhausted. but the fatigue was well worth the experience of playing with death cab for cutie and ben kweller. some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. thanks again to them and to everyone who came out to the shows.

    other stuff:

    1. our video for "she's got your eyes" recently debuted on mtv japan. if you can understand japanese and can figure out a way to request that they play it - please do so. we're really excited about the video being shown! of course, you can check it out right here on the site by clicking listen (i know, i know...)

    2. you are here and holding patterns have been released as a double cd on white wabbit records in taiwan. check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    3. we'd like to thank andy abero from 33rpm design and sharon dang from pixel clinic for helping us by designing fabulous t-shirts for our tour. they were the snazziest. on american apparel shirts too! if you want one, teenbeat records will be carrying some in the near future.

    4. we'd also like to let you know that one of our songs ("megalomaniac" from you are here) will be featured in an upcoming episode of tru calling on fox. crazy but true. or tru rather.

    that's all for now, we love you,

    march 03, 2004
    hello folks! we just got back from our west coast tour which was among the most fun tours i've ever been on. thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. and a very special thank you to the bands who made the tour possible by loaning us a gaggle of equipment, not to mention a van and a bassist. those bands being whysall lane, trackstar and the aislers set in no particular order...

    as you can see we're heading out soon for the next bit of our spring touring - which will include a week with death cab for cutie and (on some shows) ben kweller. needless to say, we're excited.

    lastly, we'd like to point you to a couple new items on the site:

    1. a lovely video for yo yo yo (please don't fall in love) by orrin anderson. thanks orrin.

    2. a few new items of press, two of which were lovingly translated from italian to english by the very nice kaylee hultgren. thanks kaylee.

    talk to you soon...

    february 14, 2004
    {a quick sorry to anyone who came to the coral room the other night thinking we were going on at 10:00. i guess there was some bad information on the coral room website - and thanks for sticking around until 12:30 (our actual starting time all said and done)}

    in other news, check us out! as you can see above, we're heading out to the west coast and then down to SXSW and now we've just signed on to do a week of show with the amazing death cab for cutie. some shows also include sensation ben kweller as well. need i say more? come on out!
    january 20, 2004
    hey there! just check in to let you know about some stuff we're doing in the new year.

    1. we've got shows coming up - (see above) ... in the works are an upcoming west coast jaunt (dubbed the temperate tour) as well as a trip down to austin, tx for the industry's most alarming event, SXSW (pronounced south by southwest). details to come...

    2. +/- (pronounced plus minus) will also have a track (entitled "walk in a straight line") on the upcoming teenbeat sampler 2004, which should be out on the first of march. it's one of our favorites - and it features the lovely pipes of margaret mccartney.

    3. +/- will be featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming wicker park, a tale of loss and obsession coming to theaters this fall. apparently, this is a remake of a french film entitled l'appartment ... "all i do" will make an appearance in the movie with a special surround sound mix completed specifically for the film.

    4. the press keeps filtering in - and if you think you can translate some of our reviews from either japanese or italian - send us a note ->

    5. +/- would like to thank you for your support in 2003 - and hopefully we'll see you soon in 2004!

    december 09, 2003
    funny how life works... you call something the cold tour - it's not that cold. you call something the warm tour - it's not that warm (except of course for 2 brilliant days in south florida).

    it was however an extremely fun jaunt and we thank those who came to see us (especially in those towns where we've never been before). the tour left us wondering why bands hardly ever make it to florida. in my 8 years of touring, i've only gone to florida 3 times... most bands skip the state entirely. i'm gonna step up and say it was a beautiful time - especially in the winter.

    we did also resolve some controversy - there seem to be those who think that in a turducken, the duck is the smallest bird and should therefore be inserted into the chicken. not so acording to paul prudhomme's recipe ...

    finally, check out the videos on the listen page (yeah yeah...) by in house video artiste chris deaner. they're kinda big, so we recommend some sort of fast connection.

    thanks for your support - we'll see you soon.

    november 28, 2003
    happy thanksgiving!

    we're just about to head out on the warm tour - and if you live in one of these nice towns, please come out and check out the show.

    in the meantime, we've posted more reviews and features on the press page - i especially like the review that begins, "james baluyut is one creepy motherfucker." - not sure if my mom would, but the reviewer ends up giving 4/4 stars so i guess it's cool right?

    oh and we've posted our videos for "trapped under ice floes" and "she's got your eyes" on the listen page. check out the theoretical av stylings of chris deaner.

    talk to you soon...
    november 18, 2003
    it turns out the cold tour wasn't that cold - in fact, it only got cold for one night in chicago... let's hope the upcoming warm tour is as billed.

    thanks to everyone who came out to see us. we had a great time. oh and we got to eat hot chicken again. life is good.

    there are some reviews of the record rolling in - go to the press page to see the kind things people are saying about "you are here".
    november 02, 2003
    hey everyone. we're just about set to embark on the cold tour. then we'll be home for a couple frantic weeks before we set off for the warm tour - ahh, sun and fun. please come out to the shows! and if you don't happen to live on the itinerary, tell your friends who do!

    stay tuned for further developments - including posts of our videos from holding patterns and you are here!
    october 23, 2003
    thanks to everyone who came (and tried to come) to our record release show. it was a lot of fun and i'm gonna go out and say that it was a success.

    our fall and winter tours are shaping up. the fall tour - dubbed the cold tour - will be a short jaunt down the east coast and then up into the midwest. the winter tour - dubbed the warm tour - will be a short jaunt down into balmy florida for a bit of december warmth. check back for details.

    oh, and if you haven't heard them yet, we have some tracks from the new album on the listen page.

    october 07, 2003
    yo yo yo! the show with luna was lots of fun. thanks for coming if you came and if you didn't come - we understand because then you can go to our

    record release show at mercury lounge on october 18, 2003. if you can only catch one show this fall, this is definitely the one! we'll be selling 'you are here' and if you buy it - you'll get an additional cd single of 'walk in a straight line' which is definitely one of our favorite songs that just didn't seem to fit this 1.0 version of the album. so we hope to see you all there - it should be loads of theoretical fun.

    finally, we've posted a couple songs from 'you are here' - click listen to listen. take care and see you at the record release!
    september 14, 2003
    hey there! things are rolling along quite smoothly. filter magazine selected 'you are here' as a new release recommendation/pick of the week for september 9, 2003. check it out here.

    we're really excited to be playing with luna at northsix on september 27, 2003. if you don't already know, northsix is one of the finest venues for live music in the city. plus, luna is fabulous, so definitely come on out!

    in other news, we're proud to announce the record release show for 'you are here'. it'll be on october 18, 2003 and we'll be sharing the stage with the wrens (also having a record release we hear), palomar, and twinemen (ex-morphine). it should be a fantastic night. we play 3rd so get there early. we'll have the record for sale and please please please do come if you live in new york, it'll be a very important night for us in plus/minus land.

    thanks again for your support!
    august 05, 2003
    'you are here' is pressing! check out the newly updated discography page to see a track listing. i also finally put up lyrics to songs by request. so now you can stop singing along with the wrong (but possibly better) lyrics... we'll post a new track from 'you are here' soon.

    check out 3wk and somafm (indie pop rocks!)... why? 'cause they play +/- and we love them for it.

    fall tour is in the works! details soon...

    july 24, 2003
    hi! we've finished our new LP due to be released in the fall. it's entitled 'you are here' and has 11 songs plus a bunch of goodies. keep your eyes peeled and we'll let you know when it's available!

    in other news, the press page has been updated, so you can see what everyone has to say about 'holding patterns' and the +/- band...
    july 01, 2003
    heads up! we have a new show... next week!

    in other news, we're about 98% done with our next LP due in the fall. details and tracks coming soon...

    may 21, 2003
    thanks to everyone who came out to see us on our tour. special thanks to people who travelled considerable distances to see us. we had a great time, but now we're totally exhausted...

    just in time to begin work on the next LP! yep, you read that right. it should be due in the fall and should be chock full of all the disjointed +/- fun you've come to expect. stay tuned for a few tidbits from the tour, new press, lyrics (someone asked so...), an album "teaser" and perhaps a couple of new york shows.