2003 news

may 21, 2003
thanks to everyone who came out to see us on our tour. special thanks to people who travelled considerable distances to see us. we had a great time, but now we're totally exhausted...

just in time to begin work on the next LP! yep, you read that right. it should be due in the fall and should be chock full of all the disjointed +/- fun you've come to expect. stay tuned for a few tidbits from the tour, new press, lyrics (someone asked so...), an album "teaser" and perhaps a couple of new york shows.
july 01, 2003
heads up! we have a new show... next week!

in other news, we're about 98% done with our next LP due in the fall. details and tracks coming soon...

july 24, 2003
hi! we've finished our new LP due to be released in the fall. it's entitled 'you are here' and has 11 songs plus a bunch of goodies. keep your eyes peeled and we'll let you know when it's available!

in other news, the press page has been updated, so you can see what everyone has to say about 'holding patterns' and the +/- band...
august 05, 2003
'you are here' is pressing! check out the newly updated discography page to see a track listing. i also finally put up lyrics to songs by request. so now you can stop singing along with the wrong (but possibly better) lyrics... we'll post a new track from 'you are here' soon.

check out 3wk and somafm (indie pop rocks!)... why? 'cause they play +/- and we love them for it.

fall tour is in the works! details soon...

september 14, 2003
hey there! things are rolling along quite smoothly. filter magazine selected 'you are here' as a new release recommendation/pick of the week for september 9, 2003. check it out here.

we're really excited to be playing with luna at northsix on september 27, 2003. if you don't already know, northsix is one of the finest venues for live music in the city. plus, luna is fabulous, so definitely come on out!

in other news, we're proud to announce the record release show for 'you are here'. it'll be on october 18, 2003 and we'll be sharing the stage with the wrens (also having a record release we hear), palomar, and twinemen (ex-morphine). it should be a fantastic night. we play 3rd so get there early. we'll have the record for sale and please please please do come if you live in new york, it'll be a very important night for us in plus/minus land.

thanks again for your support!
october 07, 2003
yo yo yo! the show with luna was lots of fun. thanks for coming if you came and if you didn't come - we understand because then you can go to our

record release show at mercury lounge on october 18, 2003. if you can only catch one show this fall, this is definitely the one! we'll be selling 'you are here' and if you buy it - you'll get an additional cd single of 'walk in a straight line' which is definitely one of our favorite songs that just didn't seem to fit this 1.0 version of the album. so we hope to see you all there - it should be loads of theoretical fun.

finally, we've posted a couple songs from 'you are here' - click listen to listen. take care and see you at the record release!
october 23, 2003
thanks to everyone who came (and tried to come) to our record release show. it was a lot of fun and i'm gonna go out and say that it was a success.

our fall and winter tours are shaping up. the fall tour - dubbed the cold tour - will be a short jaunt down the east coast and then up into the midwest. the winter tour - dubbed the warm tour - will be a short jaunt down into balmy florida for a bit of december warmth. check back for details.

oh, and if you haven't heard them yet, we have some tracks from the new album on the listen page.

november 02, 2003
hey everyone. we're just about set to embark on the cold tour. then we'll be home for a couple frantic weeks before we set off for the warm tour - ahh, sun and fun. please come out to the shows! and if you don't happen to live on the itinerary, tell your friends who do!

stay tuned for further developments - including posts of our videos from holding patterns and you are here!
november 18, 2003
it turns out the cold tour wasn't that cold - in fact, it only got cold for one night in chicago... let's hope the upcoming warm tour is as billed.

thanks to everyone who came out to see us. we had a great time. oh and we got to eat hot chicken again. life is good.

there are some reviews of the record rolling in - go to the press page to see the kind things people are saying about "you are here".
november 28, 2003
happy thanksgiving!

we're just about to head out on the warm tour - and if you live in one of these nice towns, please come out and check out the show.

in the meantime, we've posted more reviews and features on the press page - i especially like the review that begins, "james baluyut is one creepy motherfucker." - not sure if my mom would, but the reviewer ends up giving 4/4 stars so i guess it's cool right?

oh and we've posted our videos for "trapped under ice floes" and "she's got your eyes" on the listen page. check out the theoretical av stylings of chris deaner.

talk to you soon...
december 09, 2003
funny how life works... you call something the cold tour - it's not that cold. you call something the warm tour - it's not that warm (except of course for 2 brilliant days in south florida).

it was however an extremely fun jaunt and we thank those who came to see us (especially in those towns where we've never been before). the tour left us wondering why bands hardly ever make it to florida. in my 8 years of touring, i've only gone to florida 3 times... most bands skip the state entirely. i'm gonna step up and say it was a beautiful time - especially in the winter.

we did also resolve some controversy - there seem to be those who think that in a turducken, the duck is the smallest bird and should therefore be inserted into the chicken. not so acording to paul prudhomme's recipe ...

finally, check out the videos on the listen page (yeah yeah...) by in house video artiste chris deaner. they're kinda big, so we recommend some sort of fast connection.

thanks for your support - we'll see you soon.