2005 news

january 28, 2005
at long last - we've posted the results of our authentic asian food tour photo essay - you can view them here. thanks again to Minoru, Shinji, Hideki, Chifumi, Hyato, Non, Takabe, Jill and Jimi for making this possible.

march 20, 2005
hey there! thanks to everyone who came out the Teenbeat Anniversary. it was excellent - we had an incredible time. plus, we got to open for unrest... super cool...

just dropping in to let you know we're playing four (count 'em) shows at SXSW 2005. if you're down there come on by!

april 15, 2005
we're proud to announce our forthcoming release entitled bloodthirsty butchers vs +/- (plus/minus) which will be released on 042005 in japan. the ep/mini-album is a collaboration between us and our transpacific soulmates, bloodthirsty butchers. we cover 3 of their songs, they cover 4 of ours. some lyrics are in japanese, some are in english. but the fun is universal. the disc features artwork by the fabulousyoshitomo nara. we still can't believe that part of it... needless to say, we're honored to be collaborating with both parties...

unfortunately, we're still not sure if we'll be able to release a united states domestic version (we're trying!), so for now it's only available in japan. sorry! if you're not in japan and you want a copy, i believe you can find one here.

in the meantime, we're working on a new album. we hope to be done in the summer...

happy spring.

september 05, 2005
just dropping in to announce that we're coming out of our recording hiatus to play an actual live show. our cmj showcase will be at southpaw in brooklyn, ny. we're pleased to be playing with matador's fine act dead meadow, as well as impressive athens troupe, maserati.

oh and we're quite glad to announce that our music is available at the iTunes music store. you can find it all right here.

it looks our split ep with bloodthirsty butchers is going to be released at long last in the united states of america. hooray! details soon.

our video for she's got your eyes expertly realized by in-house video artist, chris deaner, will be appearing at this years asian pacific american film festival which takes place in washington, dc this october.

our new album, which we've been slaving over the last few months, is nearly complete. well let you know something about it as soon as we know anything...

talk soon,

october 03, 2005
hey everyone,

as you can see above, we're returning to taiwan and japan (and possibly other far eastern destinations) this winter for the 2005 edition of the authentic asian food tour. we can't wait.

in other news, we've posted a new video for megalomaniac, once again executed, er, directed by in house video savant, chris deaner.

check it out!

album details soon...
december 13, 2005

unfortunately, due to personal issues, we have to cancel our december 16 show in hong kong. sorry to anyone who was hoping to come. we hope to make it to hong kong sometime next year.
december 31, 2005
konichiwa and ni hao ya'll !!!

we are back from an amazing tour in asia. the rock and the food were both incredible.

once again, we present the authentic asian food tour photo essay for 2005. you can view it here - if you find yourself drooling, you get the idea.

happy new year!