2006 news

january 26, 2006
hello there!

we're gearing up for a big year in +/- ville. our new album is finished and we're currently working on getting it out in the US. it's been a slow process, but we're confident it's going to happen soon.

in the meantime, in house video artiste chris deaner, with the help of some friends, has put together the first video for the record. we're proud to present the video for "steal the blueprints". check it out here.

also, we've finally succumbed to myspace and now we have our own page. check it out here. be our friends. we dare you.
february 20, 2006
festivals festivals and more festivals!

as you can see above, we're playing festivals! our annual sxsw trip is going to be great... a nice break from the wintery new york weather... our noise pop trip will be cool - we're trying to play LA too... stay tuned...

also - the new video for "steal the blueprints" will be showing at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival... (crap! that's a long name)... it's part of a program called "music video asia" and will be showing at 9:15 at the kabuki theatres on march 20, 2006. check it out!
march 06, 2006
we keep adding more shows. yay! we're excited to start playing again after a recording hiatus.

also, due to popular demand, we've imported copies of our japanese only EP "as seen on television" and we'll be selling them from our website. you can even pay securely using paypal. click here to pick one up.

we also should have copies on hand at SXSW and Noise Pop 2006. act now while supplies last...

april 03, 2006
one more show in our hometown of new york city. brooklyn is part of new york city. brooklyn bands are really new york city bands. don't believe the hype. at any rate, we're gonna play some new stuff and have a grand old time with our good friends say hi to your mom and hymns ... it's a friendly affair ...

thanks for coming if you made it out to any of the texas or california shows. thanks especially to the LA folks who were subjected to acapella versions of doobie brothers songs. it takes a special kind of patience to get through that.

april 12, 2006
hi there! just stopping in to let you know that our video for steal the blueprints will be showing at the Asian American Film Festival at UC Davis. it will show on opening night and we think it's cool to go first.

except at our show at north six this friday (details above) where we think it'll be cool to go last.

july 06, 2006
hello! things are reving up for the fall. by then we'll have both new records out - and we'll be heading out for a US tour!

in the meantime, be sure to check out screenings of our video for "steal the blueprints" at the 29th New York Asian American International Film Festival on July 15 and/or July 20. The video, by in house video guru Chris Deaner, has been 'remixed' by the lovely people at My Active Driveway. Additionally, Three21 Media is also screening their video for "i've been lost". 2x the +/- = 2x the fun.

see you soon!

august 08, 2006
yo yo yo. just a few things to announce:

we'll be embarking on a full US tour this fall/winter. the first two dates are above - with the fabulous wrens. we're super excited to play with them again. the rest of the tour will be announced soon.

the video for the "steal the blueprints" is once again being screened... or should i say twice again. the first time will be at the 7th annual San Diego Asian American Film Festival. the second will be at the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival which sounds very fancy. Kudos to Chris Deaner, resident video director.

last but not least - Three21 Media's video for "i've been lost" took home top honors at the 29th New York Asian American International Film Festival.

september 15, 2006
more stuff! - the tour dates are starting to roll in! we're getting back on the horse and to a town near you. also we'll be playing cmj 2006 at the absolutely kosher records showcase. more details as they come.

let's talk soon!

october 04, 2006
hi there! welcome to the new home of +/- {plus/minus}. with our new album being released later this month, let's build a fire october 24, 2006 on absolutely kosher records, we figured it would be a good time to revamp our website. hope you like it! and if you see something, say something - that is, if you see a mistake or if something doesn't work right, let us know...

we now have lots of new and exciting things - mainly, in pics you can find a number of audio tracks including a couple previews of the new record. additionally, you'll find some other songs, and all of the videos made for our songs. you also get to see what we look like and what we eat... and you are what you eat, so really it's like all pictures of us...

speaking of which, don't forget about the screenings of "steal the blueprints" at the 7th annual San Diego Asian American Film Festival on october 14 and 15 and also at the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival sometime between october 19 and 29 (how's that for exact). check em out!

also, the tour dates are mostly in - if you live close by, we'd love to see you. well, even if you don't live close, we'd still love to see you.

take care
october 11, 2006
hello there! just popping in to announce that we're having a listening party for let's build a fire! come out to hifi on wednesday october 18, 2006 from 9 - 12 and listen to the record and hang out and drink with us! there'll be $3 bottles of brooklyn (lager, pilsner, ipa and ale) to help lubricate the party.

hooray beer!

october 15, 2006

resident video director (and drummer extraordinaire) chris deaner has won the 7th annual San Diego Asian American Film Festival with his video for "steal the blueprints"! a jury awarded it the best video award. apparently, it beat out a black eyed peas video.

take that fergie!


ps. don't forget about our upcoming listening party (see below) and also our upcoming tour. as always, we'd love to see you.
october 25, 2006
the record is out!

yes, that's right - Let's Build a Fire gets its long overdue US release and we couldn't be more excited about it.

check out lost at sea's review to hear some kind words about it. or listen to a couple songs on our pics page. then if you like it, roll on over to absolutely kosher records and grab yourself one.

or you can pick up one directly from us at one of the live shows on our tour.


october 26, 2006
quick note - if you're going to be in new york during cmj and you want to attend our live broadcast on kexp on nov.1 - click here to reserve a spot!

yes, we know it's at 10AM... but come have a cup of coffee with us in the studio.

october 30, 2006

cmj 2006 is upon us. i'm sorry to say, but it appears that all the spots for our morning kexp taping are taken. but we're also playing later that night as you can see on our shows page.

have you previewed our tracks and still want to hear more from our new album? AP has reviewed thrown into the fire. you can read the review (as well as download the track) by clicking here.

oh and we also added some more shows - check em out here.

november 02, 2006
thanks to everyone who made it out to our cmj showcase... especially those who stuck it out to actually see us go on so late on a school night...

also you can listen to our set on kexp yesterday morning by going to the kexp site and clicking "streaming archive" - we were on november 1st at 7AM PST.

you can also view photos form that event here

see you soon?
november 06, 2006
the tour is underway! finally.

we're proud to be on the authentic american food tour 2006. so, in honor of the occasion, we present the authentic north american food tour 2006 photo essay. we'll update it periodically throughout the tour so you can see how the tour is going. it's our version of a tour diary i guess.

got any restaurant tips for us? please contact us and let us know...

thanks... see you soon?

november 23, 2006
happy thanksgiving!

we're on the road... but that doesn't mean we're gonna feel sorry for ourselves and not celebrate... we decided to have thanksgiving early and celebrate with our seattle fans... see spin.com for details. thanks seattle!


we've also updated the authentic north american food tour photos... we wish we had taken more of the scrumptious organic chickens we served for thanksgiving, but we were too busy serving it up!
december 04, 2006
thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and made this us/canada tour so great. we love you.

one last show for 2006! new year's eve with our lovely friends mates of state. come celebrate and bring in the new year with us!

december 17, 2006
just finished the last show of the asian tour (and thus the entire 6 week tour). we're beat. we're spent. but we had a great time. thanks again to everyone who came out to the shows - everywhere. we'll be back soon. probably some time in the spring...

one last show for the year ...