2007 news

january 04, 2007
happy new year!

to celebrate 2007 and it's coming glory, we've decided to unveil the +/- {plus/minus} store. you can purchase some of our t-shirts or a copy of our japan only ep as seen on television that we've imported from japan for you... we still have a few copies left.

in the future, we'll add even more fun stuff to buy...

buy bye!
february 03, 2007
as you can see above, our split ep with our japanese tour mates bloodthirsty butchers is finally seeing its US release. hooray! we cover them, they cover us, and everyone wins. the ep will be available on teenbeat records on february 27, 2007. you can listen to a sample track on our pics page.

in other news, we're on the move again. this time we're headed to bbq mecca austin, tx for sxsw. check the shows page for full details. we hope to see you.

march 05, 2007
hey there!

lots of news: resident video artiste, chris deaner, has finished a new video for fadeout. it's fantastic - and you can check its exclusive web debut on stereogum. if you want to see it on the big screen, it will makes its debut at the 2007 san francisco asian american film festival. we're very excited about that as the sf festival is the grandaddy of them all...

next up, as you can see our new split ep, +/- vs. bloodthirsty butchers, is out now! get yours at teenbeat records. you can listen to a track on our pics page.

last, but certainly not least, we're going on tour again! this time it's down to austin, tx and back for SXSW. we'll be heading back with our new york buddies, bishop allen and say hi to your mom. come on out - we'd love to see you.

may 14, 2007
we're off to europe (germany, the netherlands and austria to be precise) for our first continental tour. let's call it the authentic sausagefest tour 2007. we're really excited! we can't wait. if you live anywhere near any of the shows please come out - we'd love to see you and meet you.

june 15, 2007
hey there!

we're back from europe! we had a wonderful time and would like to thank everyone who came to the shows and gave us such a warm welcome. cheers.

we're also glad to announce that we've been last-minute added to the pool parties at mccarren park in williamsburg, brooklyn. we're honored to play with indie rock legends superchunk.

if you'd like to come, it's free! but you must rsvp at this website http://newyork.going.com/invite-4838

come on out! we'd love to see you.

august 01, 2007
hey there!

couple things: first of all, our debut DVD is coming out! alright! it's called +/- self-titled debut digital video disc and it will be released august 28, 2007. it has 12 videos by various directors, plus a bunch of crazy extra bonus stuff as well as a beautiful mark robinson designed package. head over to teenbeat or your local record store to pick up a copy.

also, our friends moools are coming to visit us from japan. hooray! to celebrate, we're playing 3 shows with them. moools are a great live band - so come on out - we hope to see you.

august 31, 2007
hey everyone!

the dvd is out! it's packed with a bunch of great videos as well as a few crazy extras. what's that you say? +/- on a japanese game show? check it.