2008 news

january 02, 2008
happy new year, everyone!

our new year's resolutions:

1. record a new album - we're actually in the process as we speak. we've been writing and are finishing up our 'pre-production' before heading into the studio. we've got a bunch of new songs that we're dying to record. i think this album will be our best yet. no, there will be no celebrity cameo action.

2. play more shows - yes, we'll be doing this too ... just as soon as we are able. right now we're too busy with no. 1 (see above)

3. bring "you are here" to europe and return to the continent - bb island in germany has agreed to re-issue our 2004 album "you are here" with bonus material. details on the tracklist coming soon. but we hope to be back in europe playing shows this spring. we're super excited.

again, happy new year to everyone. we wish you the best.

march 17, 2008

long time no update! that's because we're recording. yes, we've begun work on our 4th LP and we're super excited about it. the drums were tracked in february at the fabulous stratosphere sound and now we're holed up in cozy fireplace studios doing the rest of the work. look for a new release late this year!

in other news, it looks like we're not going to be able to make it out to europe this spring, so we're going to shoot for the fall ... before or after we make our return to japan. we hope to see you!

now we've got to get back to the new record...

june 06, 2008
hello from the recording studio!

we are hard at work here, but chris is trying to snap photos whenever possible. below is one from a couple nights ago:

june 10, 2008
hello again!

another picture for your peepers:

that's all for now, we have to get back to work in the studio. more soon hopefully...

june 25, 2008
more pics for you and yours:

stay tuned...

oh, also we have some shows coming up. hope to see you there!

july 18, 2008
hello there!

ok - we're out of our recording hiatus. the album is done! it will be released this fall and we will celebrate and there will be much rejoicing.

in the meantime, bb island will be releasing you are here (extended) in europe. this is a deluxe edition that includes all of the songs recorded in the you are here sessions. 21 songs in all! if you want one, and don't live in europe, let us know!

also, we've added our dvd to the store. so feel free to partake.

laslty, we're playing a couple shows in august. check out our shows page for more details.

august 06, 2008
yo yo yo!

as you can see above, we have a release date for our new album entitled xs on your eyes. yep. we're super excited. we'll be posting some tracks and maybe a video soon. stay tuned.

september 04, 2008
hey there! we're going on tour - let's call it the 2008 authentic asian food and beverage tour. we're super excited to be returning to japan and taiwan after a 2 year absence. but i think we're most excited about making our debut in the philippines!

check the shows page for more details.

remember, october 21 is when the new record xs on your eyes comes out. check it check it check it.

september 12, 2008
hey there!

preview one of the tracks from our new album xs on your eyes.

check out the mp3 premiere of snowblind at stereogum!

september 24, 2008
hey everyone.

the tour seems to be shaping up, we're going to announce a couple more dates and then we'll be set.

oh and if you live in the philippines, please help us get some radio love at NU107 by texting NUVOTE SNOWBLIND to 29107. that'd be cool. hot stuff.

october 21, 2008
holy crap!

xs on your eyes is out! we're psyched. we hope you love it as much as we do. or more.

pick up a copy won't you? absolutely kosher, & records, bb island, and the iTunes store should be able to hook you up.

october 23, 2008
hey there!

just added a new show! we're playing o-west in shibuya with our friends bloodthirsty butchers, nhhmbase and the band apart. happy anniversary & records!

october 30, 2008
hi there!

heading to kyoto today and noticed that stereogum has the new snowblind video up. it's directed by the lovely and talented nancy mitchell. far out. check it out.

see you soon
november 14, 2008
hey hey hey!

we're back from our asian tour. it was a marvelous time. we saw a lot of old friends and made a lot of great new ones. thanks to everyone who came to the shows and special thanks to the organizers: minoru, koji, jimi, orbis, cholle, quark and marie!

we've got a couple east coast shows coming up and we're just excited to come out and play the new songs.

let's talk soon,
november 20, 2008
finally over our jetlag.

chris is still wandering around asia, but he found the time to post the authentic asian food and beverage tour pictures. feast your eyes like we feasted our stomachs.

december 01, 2008

snowblind is kexp's song of the day for today! hooray!

december 23, 2008
happy holidays!

we're freezing in new york right now, but soon we'll be freezing in europe! the authentic sausagefest tour 2009 is getting under way in january. we're super psyched to hit the continent again - including our first shows in norway, sweden, czech republic and russia! as a double (drummer) bonus, chris' super percussion ensemble loudest boom bah yea will be opening all shows. drumtastic! see our shows page for more details.