2009 news

january 14, 2009
hey there in +/- land.

we're heading off to europe tomorrow. yay! we just wanted to point you to our new video for "unsung" - directed by david lobser and produced by my active driveway / little sister. it's a beautiful video and you can see it on stereogum and pitchfork tv. awesome!

also - if you happen to be in russia, please note the venues for st. petersburg and moscow as we have updated info.

january 18, 2009
very sorry - we are forced to cancel our show tonight in brno, czech republic due to an illness in the band.

january 19, 2009
very sorry - we are again forced to cancel our show tonight in wien, austria due to an illness in the band.

january 19, 2009
hey hey hey!

the HD version of the video for unsung is featured at youtube.com!

thanks again to my active driveway / little sister for producing such a beautiful video!

january 23, 2009
hey there,

thanks for your concern. we are doing fine again and back on the autobahn. nurenberg, dresden, and cologne were wonderful. up next - munich! deep in the heart of bavaria. schweinshaxen here we come!

january 26, 2009
hi there!

We just finished a radio interview with sounds on you fm with michael kraft. tune in on wednesday january 26th to hear the madness including james' solo rendition of unsung. the website should have a stream.

february 24, 2009
we're gearing up to head down to tx for sxsw! details soon!

in the meantime, check out the new website and LP from loudest boom bah yea, chris' "pop songs for 2 drumsets" themed band. yes, that shit is off the hook.

march 18, 2009
hooray! we're in texas for sxsw. it's a constant struggle here: bbq or mex? the eternal question haunts us wherever we go.

we're playing a few shows - you should come.

also, we wanted to let you know that snowblind is npr's song of the day today. cool. thanks npr.

june 04, 2009
hey hey hey!

what's going on? hope you're doing well. we just wanted to let you know about some upcoming activity. we're playing some summer shows. yay! the first one is in new york city with good friends and family: versus, gramercy arms and mascott. i think this one's gonna be great. for our part, we'll have a horn section playing with us, helping bring the bombast to you in a brassy way. we're super excited about this.

in other news, we're heading back to europe to do a couple summer festivals, a few shows, and to down a few cocktails on parisian sidewalk caf├ęs. see our shows page for details.

we'd also like to remind you about our expanded +/- {plus/minus} store where you can buy t-shirts (new designs and more sizes soon!), vinyl, cds and dvds.

july 04, 2009
happy independence day, americans!

we're, umm, going to europe! we wish everyone from every country could be with us. but there's just not enough room in the van. but hey - maybe you can follow us via a different (super)highway?

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    july 24, 2009
    hey hey hey!

    we're back in the usa. usa! usa! thanks to everyone who went to the shows in europe. we had a great time, met some new friends, and ate and drank some wonderful authentic food and beverages. need proof? check out the photos! you'll even see a couple vegetarian meals in there. nuts.

    also, we've got some new t-shirts in the +/- {plus/minus} store - in all sizes! check 'em out!

    up next? time to record, we think. we'll see you soon.

    october 13, 2009
    show alert!

    we're super excited to be playing teenbeat night 09 (that's what we're calling it) with close friends and family - versus, ciudad, solitary cyclist, and cotton candy. it's gonna be special night: versus and +/- will be guesting on each others songs all night, ciudad is coming all the way from the philippines to join us, solitary cyclist will be debuting some new duet jams, and cotton candy will be whipping us into a frenzy which only mark robinson and evelyn hurley are capable of.

    far out

    november 19, 2009
    what's up!

    we're heading off to asia again in a few days, but wanted to drop a little news. +/- composed the soundtrack for an online video game called code of everand which is going to teach kids in the uk about crossing the street. it was a fun project to do and we're really excited about it.

    you can read more about it here.

    you can also watch the opening video of the game here.

    keep your eyes peeled for a new release in the spring.