2010 news

january 03, 2010
happy new year to everyone. we're thankful you're still with us in 2010.

we've managed to get our hands on a few copies of our japanese tour only ep thrown into the fire. check out our online store to pick up a copy. quantities are very limited.

also, we've (finally) posted some pictures from our summer european tour. our good friend and 5th member, gabriel guzman, took the photos. we should have some photos from our recent asian tour up there soon.

looks like we're heading into the studio to record our 5th album... more details on that coming soon. also, look out for a new compilation of stuff in 2010 as well.

july 28, 2010
my lord its been a long time! how have you been? us? oh we're still in the process of recording a new record. it's coming along quite nicely. but in the meantime, that doesn't mean we don't have any news...

1. our holding patterns ep has gone out of print and been reissued on 10" clear vinyl. 10 inches! clear! vinyl! these things are beautiful. head over to the store to pick one up.

2. we're releasing a 19 song compilation of b-sides, outtakes, and unreleased tracks. this will be out on teenbeat records in the fall. stay tuned.

3. we're heading out on tour in september! to the midwest of the good old us of a, even. an unprecedented 3 shows in oh. buckeye state madness. check our shows page for details.

as always we'd love to see you
september 10, 2010
hey hey hey!

our new extras compilation cd, pulled punches, has arrived at our webstore. it'll be out on october 5, but you can grab one from us as of today. (pre-orders will ship today).