2015 news

september 01, 2015
A couple years back, we were asked to score a video game. Here's the first piece we wrote for it. An action sequence. More to come... +/-

september 02, 2015
Here's the second one we wrote. Region 02 - Electric Bugaloo. A happy pastoral sequence. More to come... +/-

september 03, 2015
Moody music in a video game? Apparently. This slow builder was lots of fun to do. More to come... +/-

september 08, 2015
More videogame madness. This one started life as an Xs On Yr Eyes candidate. It needed a crazy drumbeat so we told Chris not to plan anything. Just play whatever comes to mind. More to come... +/-

september 09, 2015
Another moody one! I think the game had a lot of 'dark' levels. This was a fun one also, but wrangling the children's choir was a bit of a bear. More to come... +/-

september 16, 2015
Videogame madness continues! Chords on bass... and the "Boards" synth. More to come... +/-

september 22, 2015
Spooky times in videogame land! This creepy bit features a tiny Chinese cymbal and a bit of finger tapped drumming. More to come... +/-

october 07, 2015
Here we go again! This peppy videogame number features Chris on vibes and melodica. More to come... +/-

october 21, 2015
A favorite. A surreal journey into dreamland. We probably should've fashioned this into something for Jumping the Tracks but it seemed to work the way it was... More to come... +/-