jumping the tracks!
our first full length in 5 years! 160 gram orange vinyl, two posters, download card with all 12 songs.


holding patterns ep (us vinyl reissue)
10" clear vinyl of 1st ep. 5 songs. the debut of the +/- {plus/minus} band. cds are out of print/sold out.

(click image for a track listing)


xs on  your eyes (europe)  IMPORT
12" vinyl version of xs on your eyes.  out of stock  (click image for a track listing)

you are here (europe)  IMPORT   AVAILABLE AGAIN!
12" vinyl version of you are here.  quantities limited. (click image for a track listing)

NOTE: during shipping some of the spines of the covers were damaged. the vinyl itself is in perfect condition. the lps with slightly blemished covers are offered at a reduced price.