Here comes the first single and video from Further Afield! It’s called Borrowed Time. Hope you like it!

Nerdy technical info: All of the footage for this video was shot in near total darkness on a Pixel 7 Pro in astrophotography mode. We discovered this mode while shooting photos on the beach in Montauk in the early hours (3am) while celebrating Chris’ birthday. As the Pixel’s camera attempts to take a photo in low light, it captures a series of long exposure stills and then compiles them to form a single photograph. In addition, the phone outputs a 1 second video of all the stills sequenced back to back. As we watched the resulting video looping, we were rather entranced; so we set out to make a video entirely comprised of these astrophotography shots. Easier said than done: each one second loop of video takes nearly 4 minutes to shoot! Staying still for 4 minutes in complete darkness… it’s not for the faint of heart!

Fun fact, some photos from the video can be found in the cover art for Further Afield. Can you find them? High res version of the artwork here.

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That’s all for now - +/-