We have some exciting news to share! On May 31st, 2024, we will be releasing our sixth full-length album, Further Afield, our first LP in a decade. We think it’s our best yet! It contains many of the hallmarks of a +/- {Plus/Minus} album, but, as always, we’re exploring new (for us) territory. Buckle up! Pre-Order here

We’ve got a new album! Further Afield, available May 31 2024.

Hey there! Long time no see. Let’s catch up, shall we?

It’s been a while since our last full-length album, Jumping the Tracks was unleashed upon the world. After releasing that album, we were planning on releasing an EP every six months. Basically, we had a plan to keep releasing material as quickly as possible. Alas, this resulted in… just one EP: Summer 2019: Extended Play. As fate would have it, COVID made our plan impossible. In order to keep writing, we met on Zoom over a number of cocktails and hatched a plan to continue writing and recording via sharing videos. This culminated in 3 songs that we released on YouTube and dubbed The Isolation Series: Just Let it Pass, Single Lens Reflex, and Unwind. Audio versions were released via Bandcamp to benefit Black Lives Matter and Campaign Zero.

While we were in part realizing our vision of releasing material in smaller amounts more quickly, we found ourselves missing the holistic consideration and planning that comes with a full-length release. How an entire album is paced, the story it tells, the vinyl vs streaming track list consideration, the videos, etc that come with a larger trove of material. When we could finally get together in person, around 2021 or so, we decided to combine the material that we had been working on that we had not released since Jumping the Tracks, with new material to create this latest release: Further Afield.

Further Afield was recorded entirely at our studio in Brooklyn with one notable exception. Feeling the pressure of trying to release more material quickly, we went to a friend’s beautiful house in Saratoga Springs, NY for a week in the fall of 2022 to complete the recording for the album. After that successful trip, We came back to Brooklyn and put the finishing touches on the album’s songs. To give it a different twist, we outsourced the mixing for the first time ever. We chose to work with Ray Ketchem at Magic Door Recording and we are sure are glad we did. With the album completed, we asked our old friend and mentor Mark Robinson at Teen-Beat Graphica to design the album, as he has all of our other releases, and we love the results (again).

Further Afield will be released on Ernest Jenning Record Co and will be available on all the streaming platforms, Bandcamp, and vinyl. You can pre-order the vinyl here. It will also be available in Japan on CD on 7ep with the songs from Summer 2019: Extended Play included as a bonus.

It’s nice to be back. Talk soon. +/-